08 November 2011

Time's a wastin'...

It's only been a couple of weeks, but it seems like ages since I updated. Okay, first things first—you're invited to the Sinple Gifts Artists Market at Gwen's house THIS Saturday! I do hope you'll come. Several artists will be selling a variety of studio-made specialties. I'll have a few items for sale (hooded towels, zipper bracelets [as seen on Pinterest and in my last post], and lanyards), but you really need to come see and buy some of the treasures Gwen's got—aperns, wallies, dollies, and more!

I picked up my last BOM block the other day. As suspected, I don't get the outer border pieces until December, rounding out the whole 10-month experience. Toni, the lady who assembles the packets, mentioned a few weeks ago that one of the blocks in the November packet was quite trying. I've only done the preliminary prep for the block so don't know whether or not it will give me headaches.

A few updates...

Sock Monkey is all knitted. He even has a special little hat I improvised—kind of an upside down flower pot with a pom-pom. Don't know what else I'm going to add, but he looks like he could use something. Here he is watching Rocky sleep.

The Halloween costume came together so well. Tom went to the Epic youth night on October 26 at church where some of the kids also dressed up. He practically got treated like a celebrity. The teens got excited about seeing Mermaidman (from Spngebob Squarepants) like the little ones do when they see the Toy Story or Sesame Street characters. He even had some candy Crabby Patties to pass out early on. I can honestly say I never thought I'd ever be teaching my husband how to put on tights!

This is a little something I finally got around to making. It's a new take on my Scrabble® wall hangings. I thought a pillow would be a nice option because this friend is doing a bit of traveling these days.

Well, have got to get some things ready, worked on, and organized for the sale this weekend. Please stop by if you can! You'll see a wide variety of gifts for yourself and others! We'll love seeing you!

One more thing (okay, maybe a couple of things)...
I love feedback. I'm an artist and, well, we crave validation. Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, or make suggestions. Thanks in advance! Although I'm not posting as consistently as I'd like, make sure you know when there's a new post by entering your email address above at Follow by eMail.


  1. Gotta give kudos to dear hubby for wearing that costume. Hilarious! So anxious to see the completed quilt. It is a true work of art. And sock monkey is perfect!

  2. Ann,

    Your sock monkey is so cute. The Scrabble pillow is very cool. You are one talented lady. Ha. Ha. Ha. I cracked up at Tom's costume. LOVE IT!

  3. Love the pillow......OH MY GOSH,what a great idea for a costume,and what a great man for wearing it