18 July 2010

Left without a word…

I really can’t believe she did it! It was all started, and then she LEFT!

The entity of whom I speak is not so much a person as a personae—the ultra-efficient, go-getter, revved up, cleared-all-the-brush, planted-a-garden, didn’t-need-no-stinkin’-sleep wonder woman who visited during my nine days on prednisone. Not only did the dosage (more than four times that of a standard six-day Medrol dosepak) of medication relieve my gloppy breathing, it effected a whole new way for me to behave. I was up early; hit the ground running; got so much accomplished—no nagging task was left undone; and actually had results to show for my labors and efforts. It was incredible. Sure, I ate several big meals a day but I think it all went straight to muscle. And, it may have left me a little (more) irritable. Plus there was that whole sleep deprivation thing. But I so enjoyed that sense of well-being and accomplishment. She certainly seemed to know what was going on and how to get things done—no nonsense—a tribute to efficiency!

Another downside I discovered was that she started totally reorganizing my craft/scrapbook/paper play space, and left before it was done. I’m looking around now wondering how she was going to finish or repurpose this or that space or function. The one clear direction she left was to get a chair that spins so I can easily access my supplies without throwing out a hip or shoulder. It was very kind of her to make allowances for this aging framework of mine. I found one I like very much and am sure she would approve.

I wonder if there is any chance she will visit again. She doesn’t have to stay very long, just let me in on her plan for finishing the craft area…and where she might have hidden my library card.

16 July 2010

The summer I learned to read...

That phrase makes one think of a young child pointing to and trying to sound out each word in a beginning reader book like P.D. Eastman’s Go, Dog. Go! or Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham. Or maybe that same child’s first summer reading program where for every book read, she earned another crescent-shaped sticker to add to the book worm’s body tracking the summer’s accomplishments. Yes, both of these scenarios mark my reading history.

I’ve never been a big reader. I managed to drag my limited attention span through whatever I was forced to read in school. Since then, I’ve probably read no more than a dozen fiction books since college. I’ve always admired people who read but just never got there myself. Oh, sure, I’ve pushed myself to read a few titles I promised others I’d read, but very seldom have I seen a novel I just HAD to read. Given my extensive collection of books, it’s easy to see I really enjoy non-fiction reading. Show me how to do something; tell me your life story; or give me reference material—that I love!

I am thinking more about writing these days. Something I discovered a dozen years ago is that I can write a very detailed description of something/someone, but have great difficulty getting that person or thing to advance down a story line. Hence, the reason for needing to read and see how other writers transform and transport their characters through time and space.

Last year, a dear friend gave me a paperback he’d wanted me to read for quite some time. Accepting the fact I didn’t enjoy reading (which I am sure was appalling to him), he thought I might enjoy the simple stories by Alexander McCall Smith beginning with The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. A year, and his passing, later, I finally sat down with the intention to read and finish his gift. Tah dah! Done! I can do this!

Which title next? My friend, Naomi, a voracious reader, who has read the entire series, tells me this first book was her least favorite. Hmm. Well, that’s interesting. It only gets better from here? Intriguing. I perused the titles of the following volumes and needed to decide whether to read by preference in title interest or the order in which they were written. My logical left brain won out and we’re doing it chronologically.

My husband, Tom, used to have great difficulty remembering the names of people he met. I told him if he keeps telling himself he’s bad at remembering names, he’s self-fulfilling the prophecy and will never change. He’s reminded me of this as it applies to my reading.

“I am not a reader” is no longer my personal statement because THIS is the summer I learned to read.

09 July 2010

Emergency chocolate...

Yes, there is such a thing and one must keep some stockpiled. When you need that little endorphin boost, nothing's better. And when 'enough' is as good as a feast, these little gems skim under the guilt radar.
Found at Aldi, and first a gift from my dear friend Jana, one little bar is not only half of a serving, it's also just 100 calories. The mini-bars come 11 to a package (contrary to the wish that one package = one serving, too bad) so will get you through many crises/fades.

I like these hazelnut/crisp ones, but there are other varieties.

Into every life, a little chocolate must fall. Yumm.

05 July 2010


Ah, there I was… If I just go in and get my "Need a Margarita?" shower gel, I can get out of there spending less than $20. But, no… Buy 2, get two FREE and Buy 3, get three FREE! Sigh.

I'm not altogether sure where this seduction began. From over two decades ago when I was poor, poor, poor? If I could scrape together just enough to buy a couple things, that would make me feel better, right?

For several years I've had the means to buy what I want and find myself being a downright glutton. I don't like that. When the guest bathroom was getting remodeled and I had to remove the cabinet's contents, I found I had MORE THAN A DOZEN pump soaps! Okay, NO MORE soaps!!! And did I mention I also gave away a dozen or so products from a scent I no longer wore?

I got what I went in for, plus four new fragrance sprays,  two shower gels, hand cream, and a scrubbing gel. A part of me wants to feel guilty about it. Tom sez why!? I had the money and I didn't charge it. Why not just enjoy? Good question.

04 July 2010

A special delivery...

Happy 4th of July 
from my little friend 
and me!

This little cutie needs a name.

Wonder what's going to fit best?

(Thanks Gwen!)

02 July 2010

Baby Cozies™...

I came across Baby Cozies™ yesterday and realized pictures would be more descriptive than words. In addition to these critters, they also come in flamingo, monkey, hippo, parrot, bears, lion, and more! And they are so soft and cuddly.

Bet you're already making your list of newborns and newborns-to-be. I can hardly wait to find an excuse to bring one/some home.

Out and about...

Finally had a chance for a little play time/retail therapy today. On the way to copying over some files at church, almost got T-boned by a nutty lady in an SUV who didn't look BOTH ways. There are days I wish my horn was MUCH louder! Calmed down enough to go see if a special order was in at Casey's, and correct a mis-ring.

I made it to My Heart's Fancy, visited with Maura, and came away with some Tim Hotlz stickers and papers—and an in-store class schedule! Oooh, aaah. Also have some great ideas for newborn gifts, Baby Cozies™—darling 'un-stuffed' animal lovies. If you get a chance to hold them, you'll love them too! And the last thing I saw while I was browsing really made me laugh—a ceramic sign: "Impossible you say? Nothing is impossible when you work for the circus."

My last stop on the way home was a quick run in and out of Dollar Tree. I wanted to see how many ounces of Jelly Belly jelly beans you get for a dollar, and hope that I was saving money buying bigger bags at Walgreens. Yippie—saved 2.7 cents per ounce at Walgreens. Ah, now I can enjoy them with a nearly clear conscience! Now to reduce those calories…