18 January 2012


Just wanted to get these posted so I could link to them on Pinterest. I started these in May 2010. The first ones were made from red and yellow Post-it Notes. From there, I pretty much just stuck with variations on the theme. I bought a bunch of artificial 'silk' poppies and used some of their leaves and reproductive parts. I had lots of fun with these. I still want to make some with organza and tulle.

I suspect I started these back when Gwen was creating some pretty special azalea blossoms. She's always such inspiration! Okay, friends, I scoured through her blogs and found I was inspired to make paper flowers by the one on 23 April 2010. Thinking back, I think this was a time I knew of Gwen, and remembered Naomi from a few years back, but before we got reacquainted later in 2010. Wow! Sometimes you think you've known friends forever and then you realize it's only been weeks or months or years. I treasure my bouquet of friends, always!


  1. Gotta love poppies! They always look happy! And thanks for scouring through Naomi's blogs to find the inspiration. I just told my mom this evening that I'd help her look for table decoration ideas for a luncheon at her church. Guess what she said first? Ask Ann! :)

  2. And we love you, too! Love the poppies! Loved having them in my wildflower garden a couple years back. They never ceased to amaze me: holding uo their beautiful heads on such slender stems. Reading this makes me want to revisit paper flower making!