04 June 2012

SmartHours in effect NOW...

SmartHours pricing plan started on Friday, June 1, and runs until September 30.

I've been looking forward to SmartHours (click here for more info) beginning so I can be excited about how much we'll be saving. On Thursday, I received a text notification alerting me to how much power will cost per kilowatt hour on Friday, between 2 and 7 p.m. The amount was the lowest cost possible, 4.5 cents. Today, I received another text for tomorrow's cost, and it's at the same amount. It will be interesting to see how this adjusts over the summer.

I also received a weekly usage email. It's really convenient having this information at my fingertips in case it's been awhile since checking my online account. It had been so long, I had to reset my password.

To be honest, we've never taken proactive measures to save on our electricity usage. We've been enrolled in 'average billing' for awhile and that averaging kinda eases the pain of summer usage highs against winter usage lows. I'd like thinking I'll set the thermostat differently, do the laundry earlier or later, and such, but even if I don't, I think we'll save just by virtue of being enrolled in the plan.

One comparison I am looking forward to tracking has to do with our plan to empty and unplug the hot tub in July. I suspect its constant running/heating keeps our passive usage average high. Over the past couple of days when Tom has used the hot tub, I did notice a spike in those hours' numbers (see below at 5 p.m.). Oooh, cause and effect!

I plan on going back into my thermostat settings and making some adjustments to better accommodate the SmartHours 2-7 p.m. weekday sweet spot.

Looking forward to that first bill of the summer to see what we've saved compared to last year's unadjusted rates. Stay tuned!

*This is a sponsored post. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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