23 October 2013

Charity quilt tops...

At my local quilt shop, Quiltworks, there are bags filled with charm squares to be put together for Infant Crisis Services here in the Oklahoma City area. Volunteers share the tasks for all phases of quilt making. While groups of quilters get together to share the work, they also let us sign out bags to be sewn at home and returned. I picked up a couple of bags in the summer.

The first one was pretty straight-forward and went together without much ado. It's a big part of my process to build my quilt tops/backs on the computer first. This means photographing one of each color/pattern, then building the top digitally in Illustrator or Photoshop. They're both apps I use in my professional world (graphic design) so using them is second-nature to me.

The second packet presented more of a challenge. The theme was dogs and it even had a few Snoopy squares. So I got busy playing around with what I had. I was amused by just this many iterations of the same 48 squares.

This is the 'winner.'

These got returned within a few days. Other volunteers will handle the quilting and binding. I also have a couple of Christmas packets and although they're photographed, I have not 'built' the tops (digitally) yet. Santa's gonna be making that list soon, so I'd better get in gear!

This Bento Box variation top is a charity quilt our guild is working on. It got started at a Sew Day in September and I volunteered to finish piecing the top together by assembling the last three 16-block rows. The batting and backing are lined up and it's heading to the quilter soon. It'll make a bright and happy addition to someone's life.

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