08 February 2011

An Old Friend for a Sweet Friend...

More than 20 years ago, I did piece sewing at home. In addition to sewing pretty decorative collars worn with the baggy denim jumpers of the time, I also sewed accessories complementing the laminate handbags that were all the rage back then. Pieces included makeup bags, eyeglasses cases, key cases, telephone book covers, and so forth. One of my favorite pieces was a wallet that held credit cards, check book, change, receipts, etc. I had not sewn one for a couple decades so once I found the pattern pieces, wondered if the process would come back to me. After all, I likely sewed dozens of them years ago.

Just before Christmas, my friend from Colorado was visiting family/friends here in the OKC area. She'd liked the handbag I'd made for myself and wanted one like it. We went shopping for fabric and found a combo absolutely perfect for her. I was able to have it for her before she flew back home. And while it had been my intention then to make on of these wallets for her, I simply ran out of time to get it done.

The wallet came together quickly last week and the process still felt familiar and part of me. I've always liked this piece as it was  designed but can now see some changes to make to the pattern. Maybe one credit card slot less and a bit narrower overall, but still wide enough for a check book/unfolded bills. I also think a magnetic closure would be more finished looking than hook/loop.

Even better? I got it mailed out once conditions from our first major winter storm freed us from our homes.

Much to do this week—post cards to decorate for a Valentine's Day swap at My Heart's Fancy. Love their new location just north of 164th and Penn. They're now all about mixed media art, stamping, and creating. Also need to get reading on a book club selection. Looking forward to meeting the other ladies on the 17th. And the day after that, third Friday of the month, our ladies community group from church gets together in Mustang. It's lots of face time with people for this self-proclaimed hermit.

And then there's still the Big Dig purging of my office space. More about that later!

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  1. I'm just so impressed by this. I want to be like you when I grow up. :)