22 February 2011

The Project Girl Fat Quarter Giveaway...

Hey friends, friendly passersby, blog surfers, etc....I wanted to let you know the The Project Girl is offering an awesome fabric giveaway on her website. Jen Allyson is a great designer of scrapbook papers and has outdone herself with this new fabric line, Quite Contrary. For every 100 comments she receives, she will give away ONE full set of 21 fat quarters (up to FOUR sets). Get on the horn...spread the word. Visit her website and see what all the commotion is about and leave a comment...the more comments she receives, the more she gives away!

Spread the word....I know I wanna win!


  1. Naomi won't let me have any more fabric until I use some of what I have. Meanie.

  2. ...although I think she'd let me have that cool newspaper covered bird if I could win that...