27 April 2011

Shorter and sweeter...

Bertie? Betty? Bessie? Nina? Nettie? Hmmm...
The draft for this post sat in limbo for a couple of weeks. It was growing more ungainly with every word. Maybe it's time to take the simple approach—less verbiage, more fact.

A month ago, on a Saturday, we made our way into the Bernina of OKC store. Judy demonstrated all the magical things the aurora 440QE (Quilter's Edition) could do. Oooh, aaah. Demo machine almost 30% off retail. There was also a pre-loved machine, 40% off. Left the store with a nice, crisp brochure and numbers to ponder. Went home and slept on it. Or at least tried to sleep. Finally prayed that I could get it, or if not, be at peace/gracious if I couldn't.

Struck a deal with Tom to find money out of our food budget dollars by agreeing to cook many more meals at home. First choice would be the pre-loved one if it came with same warranty. Otherwise, go for the demo.

Monday morning couldn't come fast enough. Although it took almost two hours to 'do the deal,' I came home with my prize. The pre-loved one had already sold later that Saturday. I got the demo right off the floor (though I think they had a couple more in the back). Judy, who helped me on Saturday, does not work on Mondays. Twyla, who is primarily a tech, wound up helping me. After making a couple calls to Judy, all was well and I was on the road with my little treasure. I discovered a few days later that another quilting friend of mine also had the same model. (Ironically, her hubby is friends with mine and already told him to expect some sewing machine sticker shock. Always nice when someone else smooths the road....)

Fast-forward a month, and here we are. I am already in love with many of its features. I've really enjoyed using my Bernina and I still need to name her. In a few days, I am scheduled to attend my free classes that came with the machine. It'll be fun to see what I haven't figured out/guessed about it yet.

I'm finishing my all-batik lap quilt. I gave a baby quilt IOU at a friend's baby shower. I am sure all of my seams are much straighter and more consistent in width. I even find myself upping my level of craftsmanship because I don't want this new tool (or toy?) to produce shoddy work.

At some point in the process, Gwen told me I'd never regret getting a Bernina. I'd never argue with that!

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  1. Ohh, ahhh, is right! Makes me all itchy-fingered just to look at it (Rory?)!

    I cannot imagine you producing shoddy work with ANY machine, my friend. So happy for you.

    PS What did you cook for dinner?