08 May 2011


The name for my Bernina is officially Bertie! With a nod to "The King's Speech," I know this name will mark in time when I got her. Earlier I was leaning toward another name of Britain/England—Bess for QE the first. But Bertie it is!

And to think, I so disliked Colin Firth's well-played character, Lord Wessex, in "Shakespeare in Love"—a nearly perfect movie (also with Geoffrey Rush). Over the past couple of years, I've intentionally watched more of his movies and very much enjoy the variety and texture of his characters.

And if you've never seen it, try to catch the short film "Harvie Krumpet." It's an interestingly odd clay animation piece lovingly narrated by Geoffrey Rush. Here is a YouTube link.

From Bertie and me, goodnight!

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