14 May 2011

3-3 Playoffs...

Coinciding with the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team being in the playoffs, I happened to be working on a simple quilt for my wonderful son, Matt. Several weeks ago, I asked him what theme of quilt I could make for him, more or less for his 26th birthday. He said OKC Thunder. Really? Really. Hmm. Okay. I think this happened around the time I received an email from Savage Quilter mentioning they just received some Thunder fabric. Ahh...an idea and a resource. Tah dah!

The Thunder fabric print is overwhelmingly busy. I first considered cutting out squares or panels or strips and combining that with other fabrics. I decided it wasn't going to help the design that much and might delay delivery. After some guidance on the backing color (chose a wavy gradient in shades of blue [moda's Puzzle Pieces]), and finding a remnant of basketball fabric, I was set. Because the remnant was pretty small, it wound up determining the size and proportions. I inserted strips of the blue diamond print to 'stretch' the border.

I wound up doing more hand sewing on this than I'd intended, but, as I discovered with my recently finished two-sided quilt, stitching in the ditch and having it line up on both sides is tricky. I machine quilted it together in a stair-step pattern. Then the bias binding didn't go on the first time as I'd hoped. Rip it out, reattach, hand-stitch the back. Done!

I'll give it to Matt this weekend, hopefully in time for the Thunder to go ahead and win that fourth of seven games. If so, then another playoff series. Basketball season last forever.

Next...my third BOM block, or that pink or blue Baby Polk quilt, or...who knows?


  1. You are really quilting away aren't you. All of them are fantastic! I am a bit envious and jealous that you do this! One of these days you will have to teach me!

  2. Awesome job, Anne. You are amazingly speedy, girl. Can't wait to hear how Matt likes it. Rather amazing that you had the perfect remnant on hand for binding. And I do mean perfect!