24 June 2011

The gift...

After receiving the Scrabble® letter tile fabric, here's where I started the wall hanging. (I can't believe that all I have are travel sets of this great game!) Being a purist, I wanted to start the puzzle on the star block. This is the format I chose to use, with a slight revision—moved GREEN over one block for visual design interest. Once I saw how the tiles would fall on the board, I built the design in Photoshop.

I like having a picture of my objective while I'm working on a piece. One of the details that changed from the planning stage was the use of grosgrain 1/4-inch ribbon I was going to stitch between the blocks—too much much work for not enough 'umph.'

What wound up taking the most time was attaching the bonus blocks text. Once I decided to use the iron-on inkjet printable transfer, I needed it to look tidier than a big ol' blob of transfer. I stripped out the space between each line of text and around some of the rounded letters.

After plenty of trial and error, I managed to make most of the 'clear' background of the transfer fade into the fabric. And although I was using a couple of dark fabrics, I used the transfer sheets for light fabrics. The sheets for dark fabric transfer are on a white background and even after trimmed around, would leave a white outline. That would not work here.

The finished wall hanging is approximately 20" x 27". To personalize it a little more, I added their wedding date and a cute photo of the happy couple. I attached a couple of hanging loops on the back and it's ready to go! By the time I post this (I'm saving it in the drafts folder until then), Miss Rebekah Thun will be Mrs. Daniel Green! I'm so excited for these two great kids. (I get to call them kids cuz they're younger than my kid.) I'll post a wedding pic! And in my typical mommy mode, I can't wait until I get to make a baby quilt for them someday!

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  1. Ann, this is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for all the love and prayers that you have given to our kids - Daniel and Bekah and for this amazing gift of love!!!!