20 August 2011


Got Chicken Raising Sister's bags done earlier this week. Happily dropped them off Wednesday night. Tah dah! Now I need to brainstorm how I want to use that great typecase.  :-)

Have been thinking about these since a friend mentioned her older son still enjoyed his hoodie towel from when he was a baby, but grew out of it quite a while ago. I could make a bigger one. And one for his little brother, too. (I hear that's what you do when there are multiples in a family.) It took a few weeks for the idea to gel; buy the supplies; find out what colors to use; find some online instructions; and such. Supplies needed: One bath towel; one matching or coordinating hand towel (you'll only use half of it); straight or bias binding.

I decided I wanted to use bias binding, mostly because I chose stripes—the same for both. Ten-plus yards later, I had enough for the hood portion and all around each towel. They went together pretty easily. Here are some basic instructions (she did not bind hers). From here, you can customize the details.

I gave them to the boys' Nana tonight and hope they enjoy them! I'm happy to have another skill set and a relatively quick, easy-make gift option. Win–win!

* * * * *

UPDATE! Here are two very cute boys modeling their hooded towels!

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