30 September 2012

SmartHours winding down...

With only a few hours remaining in September, we're coming to the end of our enrollment in OG&E's  SmartHours program this year. Our most recent bill reflected a $93.24 savings this past month due to time-of-use savings.

In summary, from May through September of this year, we:
  • Spent $595 less than the same time period in 2011.
  • Used only 91% of the kilowatt hours we used last year.
  • Paid only 68% of what we paid last year.
Bottom line—if SmartHours is the same/similar program next year as it was this year, we'll be signing up! I can honestly think of no real sacrifices and loved the savings. We maintained a high level of comfort and convenience. IF we got SERIOUS about, I know we could have saved even more—according to the charts, we used almost twice the power as our neighbors' average. Wow. Again, if you'd like to read all posts about our SmartHours experience, simply click here.

I've also enjoyed participating in the blogging program. It's been fun telling my friends/readers about my experiences and I'm thrilled I had so many wonderful stories to report. Thank you for inviting me to participate!

*This is a sponsored post. As always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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