07 January 2013

Pay it forward...

The first five people who comment on this post will receive a special little handmade gift from me sometime in 2013. May I ask in return that you also post this and pay it forward to others in some way?

I just recently tried doing this on Facebook and did not get five takers, so we'll see if this gets a better response. And, if you're one of the three Facebook commenters, please let fiver others 'win' this time. Thank you.

And thanks to Jeanne at Spiral for re-inspiring me to try again.


  1. I would love to have a handmade gift from you! And I will TRY to repost it. Please forgive my limited skills. : )
    I'm simply thrilled to be checking my email today. I've only recently returned to the land of the living (approximately 45 minutes ago)when Tyler and crew loaded up their car and headed to California. I cried and rejoiced all in the same moment. I have work up to my eyeballs to get done but will still miss every sweet and unsweet moment we had together. Guess I'd better get to some of that work! Maybe the land of toddlers and chaos is better. ; )

  2. Ann, Happy New Year! I love the creative way your mind works. My sister-in-law Helen Mikus recently decided to go into the crafting business. I am going to share a link to your blog so she can see some of the things you make. I think she'll love it!