05 July 2010


Ah, there I was… If I just go in and get my "Need a Margarita?" shower gel, I can get out of there spending less than $20. But, no… Buy 2, get two FREE and Buy 3, get three FREE! Sigh.

I'm not altogether sure where this seduction began. From over two decades ago when I was poor, poor, poor? If I could scrape together just enough to buy a couple things, that would make me feel better, right?

For several years I've had the means to buy what I want and find myself being a downright glutton. I don't like that. When the guest bathroom was getting remodeled and I had to remove the cabinet's contents, I found I had MORE THAN A DOZEN pump soaps! Okay, NO MORE soaps!!! And did I mention I also gave away a dozen or so products from a scent I no longer wore?

I got what I went in for, plus four new fragrance sprays,  two shower gels, hand cream, and a scrubbing gel. A part of me wants to feel guilty about it. Tom sez why!? I had the money and I didn't charge it. Why not just enjoy? Good question.

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  1. I don't like to buy anything I can't enjoy! I've even had to look at money spent on plumbing problems that way...I do enjoy running water!