18 July 2010

Left without a word…

I really can’t believe she did it! It was all started, and then she LEFT!

The entity of whom I speak is not so much a person as a personae—the ultra-efficient, go-getter, revved up, cleared-all-the-brush, planted-a-garden, didn’t-need-no-stinkin’-sleep wonder woman who visited during my nine days on prednisone. Not only did the dosage (more than four times that of a standard six-day Medrol dosepak) of medication relieve my gloppy breathing, it effected a whole new way for me to behave. I was up early; hit the ground running; got so much accomplished—no nagging task was left undone; and actually had results to show for my labors and efforts. It was incredible. Sure, I ate several big meals a day but I think it all went straight to muscle. And, it may have left me a little (more) irritable. Plus there was that whole sleep deprivation thing. But I so enjoyed that sense of well-being and accomplishment. She certainly seemed to know what was going on and how to get things done—no nonsense—a tribute to efficiency!

Another downside I discovered was that she started totally reorganizing my craft/scrapbook/paper play space, and left before it was done. I’m looking around now wondering how she was going to finish or repurpose this or that space or function. The one clear direction she left was to get a chair that spins so I can easily access my supplies without throwing out a hip or shoulder. It was very kind of her to make allowances for this aging framework of mine. I found one I like very much and am sure she would approve.

I wonder if there is any chance she will visit again. She doesn’t have to stay very long, just let me in on her plan for finishing the craft area…and where she might have hidden my library card.

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  1. david bienkowski18 November, 2010 11:41

    Gina had a simular visitation of this wonder woman possession.
    I witnessed this myself when she visited while under the influence.
    I woke up the next morning to find her digging a vegetable garden in my yard, It would have taken me all day to do what she had done before 9am.