02 July 2010

Out and about...

Finally had a chance for a little play time/retail therapy today. On the way to copying over some files at church, almost got T-boned by a nutty lady in an SUV who didn't look BOTH ways. There are days I wish my horn was MUCH louder! Calmed down enough to go see if a special order was in at Casey's, and correct a mis-ring.

I made it to My Heart's Fancy, visited with Maura, and came away with some Tim Hotlz stickers and papers—and an in-store class schedule! Oooh, aaah. Also have some great ideas for newborn gifts, Baby Cozies™—darling 'un-stuffed' animal lovies. If you get a chance to hold them, you'll love them too! And the last thing I saw while I was browsing really made me laugh—a ceramic sign: "Impossible you say? Nothing is impossible when you work for the circus."

My last stop on the way home was a quick run in and out of Dollar Tree. I wanted to see how many ounces of Jelly Belly jelly beans you get for a dollar, and hope that I was saving money buying bigger bags at Walgreens. Yippie—saved 2.7 cents per ounce at Walgreens. Ah, now I can enjoy them with a nearly clear conscience! Now to reduce those calories…

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