11 March 2011

Block of the Month Quilt...

Tea Leaf Block
First steps... I got my mitts on my first month's fabrics/pattern last week. This is a 10-month project called Stars Over Bali Skies. Its finished size is approximately 68" x 76", so this is my biggest undertaking so far, in size and number of pieces. In addition to getting these four main blocks done, I've fondled and cataloged the additional strips to make up the big quilt's background. Tonight I saw the finished piece at Oklahoma Quiltworks. I've seen pictures online, but seeing it full size and in person about took my breath away! The last time I checked the classroom, only about 1/3 of the top was done. How am I going to stay patient until the end of the year!? Sigh.

Hope someday mine looks THIS good!

When I went to pick up my packet last Thursday, I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend Becky at the shop. I also discovered she is doing this same BOM (Block of the Month), too! She's a far more experienced quilter than I so I look forward to see how hers comes along over time.

I started out early with a BIG mistake—piecing blocks together when I was tired. We had an unusually long Sunday, so when I started later that night, I didn't realize how tired I was until I started making a series of little mistakes that grew into a sloppy block. It kinda looked okay but would not square up properly. The next day, I bought replacement fabric in purples and gold for that block and the second try at the Puzzle block turned out much better.
My favorite block, Indian Star, this time around has got to be the one with all the oranges! It contains four Flying Geese and I'd never done that before. I like the swirls in the light fabric and the bold dots peppering the orange. Or maybe I just like the warm colors.

The Milky Way block was easy enough and the first to incorporate joined strips cut to make one-inch squares.

Looking down the road, I suspect this will be a quilt top I send out to be professionally stitched together. I've got until January to have to make a decision (and save up to pay for it).

In case you didn't know, I use my computer extensively in planning and reporting on my quilt projects. Several months ago, I discovered my laptop computer's screen cracked. Note to self: Do not lay a pen on top of your laptop's keyboard and apply pressure via cat or stack of papers/books. When Tom started doing some work at home and I got my iPad, we got a new, more powerful wireless router. Now our Wi-Fi connection fills the whole house. This week I sent off my laptop to have its screen repaired and expect to get it back next week. I look forward to working on the quilt files right where I have all my fabric instead of bouncing back and forth between my office and my studio areas. Tah dah!

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  1. I am sooo proud of the beauty that is coming from your planning, frustrations, stiching and sewing.

    I love to see the success in your eyes and in your heart I love you