16 March 2011

Another fabric store...

Eight new Fat Quarters: roses, ferns, flowers, batiks, and turnips!
It's often said we least appreciate that which is in our own back yard. Fair enough. But what if we don't know it's in our backyard—or down the street just one mile away? I had the extreme pleasure of discovering Savage Quilter, 6815 North May Avenue, 840-1466. They have no Web presence to speak of. My intention was to stop in at the Bernina store and laugh at their prices. I saw SQ next door and decided to pop my head in. Oh, my stars and garters! I literally stood there agape for at least 15 seconds. I love Quiltworks, but sometimes it's just fun seeing all that fiber love someplace else! The prices were comparable. One group of fabric that I especially loved was the food prints—bananas, leafy greens, pomegranates, potatoes, etc. I got the turnips fat quarter because of the purple and green together. My friend Naomi mentioned something I probably noticed but couldn't put my finger on—they could use better lighting.

That said, I'll be off to Quiltworks tomorrow! They're having a 25% off bolt prices all day. National Quilting Day is 19 March, so I suppose they're celebrating a couple of days early.

Anyway, I am excited to find a new source for fabric!

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  1. At least your stash is mostly flat, not completely flat, just mostly flat. Now; off for that MLT! tommy