19 March 2011

Sewing of the green...

The Divas/Ladies community group from People's Church had its St. Patrick's celebration on Friday evening. All the foods were green: spinach dip, pistachio pudding, guacamole, pickles, kiwis, green salad with cucumbers, lime sherbet punch, and St. Patty's confetti cake! I had this nutty idea I'd make recycled shopping bags (environmentally green) for everyone. The germ of this idea took root a couple of years ago. I noticed the packaging of the dry cat food we buy changed. Many were made of DuraWeave®, a woven plastic/laminated fabric. I've saved a couple dozen of these bags and finally got around to cutting and sewing them into totes for books, groceries, projects, getting stuff out of your car, etc. I love the cat food bags' bright colors! I also made ones from dog food bag, and bird seed bags.

I premiered the bags at my book club meeting Thursday night. There were four other ladies present at the first club meeting I attended last month. I had to decide—do I take only four, and they'd just get what they got. Or do I take the baker's dozen of the ones I'd made so far and let them choose? Luckily I took all 13. Much to my surprise, there were five more ladies there this time! Oh, my stars and garters—I would have been so embarrassed if I didn't have enough for everyone. Whew—disaster averted! Everyone got to choose the bag they liked, except for Naomi. I made her take the bird seed one with all the birdie drawings. I wanted her to have it because I love the way SHE draws birds!

I came home after book club with my four remaining bags and cut/prepped another 10 bags to get sewn sometime Friday before Divas community group. I went into full assembly line mode and got them done with a whole hour to spare. Whew! I pestered Winnie (Divas hostess) a couple of times about a final head count. I wanted to have an extra one or two but wound up taking 14 bags and there were 14 ladies in attendance! Thank you, Jesus! Hope everyone finds a purpose for theirs. It was fun making them and even more fun sharing them with two groups of truly incredible women!

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  1. I love my bag....thanks for making them!