11 January 2013

Catching up...

I've written about my artist friend, Morian. I love her paintings. I love what I've learned observing her painting style. And she's a really nice person, too. So, every so often, she does a giveaway of some sort—random drawing, Pinterest pin, etc. I have won TWO of the two contests I've entered (a stuffed orange tabby kitty pillow and a print of one of her horse paintings). I was feeling a little guilty about this, beyond just curtailing the number of her contests I enter. Morian well deserved something FROM me, so she got a fabric bowl made from my favorite batiks. I'm happy to say it lives on her desk at work. Ironically, for the past 7 years, she's worked for the same company I worked for 16 years ago. Small world, indeed.

Back in September, friends of ours were having a special 'homecoming shower' for their little boy, Fletcher. He's lived at The Children's Center in Bethany, Oklahoma, since he was a little baby, just over 7 years ago. Anyway, they were hoping to bring him home to live in October, so friends were throwing a shower to help his family in getting some needed supplies and equipment to aid in the transition. Due to an insurance glitch, his homecoming has been delayed. Well, just a couple of days ago, the insurance company has relented and Fletcher is due to come home and live in his OWN room under her family's room for the first time. Everyone is very excited. This is the first Task-It™ Basket (pattern designed by my friend, Martha) I made. I made the process far more complicated than it needed to be but got it done with minutes to spare! Ha, ha! I loved the Dr. Seuss characters! We placed a few toiletry items and lotions inside.

Fast forward to December. Friends in our former community group were having their first baby. Dad is a serious Alabama fan. What better than a Tide Task-It™ Basket? I was going to put the baby's name on the crimson lining but decided dad may hijack it someday for his TV remotes! This basket it a bit smaller because of the one-way print direction and a first set of seams I misjudged. Their beautiful son arrived a few days early and has made his parents and family very happy. We couldn't be more pleased for them! Roll Tide!

These Task-It™ Baskets are becoming great go-to gift beginnings—make it, fill it, give it!

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