29 January 2013

Spokes, Totes, and Hand Warmers...

Last spring/summer, I became friends with Kelsey. I first became aware of her when she was in a series of some very funny sermon series bumper videos. It was a series about dating. Here is the link to the first of three* (see below) videos she did. What a funny way to get to know someone! She and I knew many of the same people, especially media team staff/volunteers. It also turned out that we'd just started attending a community group her parents led.

We got to know each other better over some Starbucks coffee and church activities. Within a few weeks, she adopted me as her 'Second Momma.' What an honor! I was tickled!

Kelsey and her roommate, Hailey, started riding bikes. Seriously started riding bikes. As in 'cycling!' They joined a group of mutual friends who have a cycling group. Their organization's name is Rollin' With the Homies. Here's their patch/label, a Group Fly design.

Fast forward to mid-September and Rollin' With the Homies is riding in the Bike MS: The Mother Road Ride | Tulsa to Oklahoma City. It was a 150-mile ride from Tulsa to Oklahoma City, with one overnight stop in Chandler, Okla, and benefitted the National MS Society. Kelsey was riding the first leg of the ride, and Hailey was doing both. We decided we want to go to Chandler and welcome them there. 

We got there with some time to spare. After a bit, we got word they were coming in. Click, click, click. I've gotta confess I love the little square single-shot photo on the right most because I know Kelsey's just saw us! The one next to it is what everyone else saw. Beneath is one of the two of them. Can you believe how lovely they look after cycling 75 miles up and down the hills?! Guess there's something to be said for good training!

I knew I wanted to have some sort of surprise or trophy for the girls as they finished the first leg of the 150-mile ride. But what? A week before, while at Quiltworks, I saw this fabulous cream and dark blue fabric made into a tote bag. Free pattern with purchase of fabric? YES! I was especially fortunate to find two fabric color combos so I could make distinctly different bags for them (roommates having identical bags was impractical). And I lined them. I was concerned they might not be the most useful gift, but I LOVED the look, so took my chances. I presented the bags after they arrived and was so thrilled they loved them. Yay! Turns out they were perfect for carrying their helmets and shoes. Tah dah!

A little more time travel—Christmas. I came across a knitting pattern for fingerless gloves—plain, but a pretty moss stitch. After making a pair for myself, and a little inspiration, I knew I wanted to make some for Kelsey that resembled owls. I so enjoyed making those that I thought Hailey, avid cat lover, might get a giggle out of kitty ones. So, here ya go! My mind is a mysterious (and furry) place!

The owl eye and beak motifs came from the an Amigurumi Pattern I used in making Kelsey's little owl friend, Wilbur (see post). Then I added a couple little tufts for 'ears,' and there ya go.

For the kitty ones, I just added plastic cat eyes, pink nose, mouth stitching, and triangle ears. This particular pair was bigger than the owls, but I think it made the kitties rounder looking.

I'm so glad I have these lovely young women in my life to enjoy, cherish, and pelt with homemades! And I get a daughter in the deal! Wow!

*(Okay, here are the second, and third video links. Enjoy!)

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  1. The first video cracked me up! I don't think I could have kept a straight face. Kelsey is quite an actress. How great to be her 2nd momma! Loved the gloves, the bags, and the race pics. Great that you could be there to surprise her. Thanks for the post. It always makes me smile to see all of the creative things you come up with. I'm still lovin' and braggin' on the bowl you made me! P.S. - A couple of nights ago I dreamed about bangs ; )