09 July 2011

All fixed now...

I finally got down to getting the two stars in my BOM quilt corrected. In one, from my Month 1 (March), I'd managed to sew in ALL four of the flying geese modules BACKWARDS. I wound up with a very nice squared off block but not the themed Indian Star as intended. The other boo-boo was in Month 3 (May) where there were two color variations of the same block pattern, but one 'sat' vertically and the other horizontally. Both of mine were horizontal. Granted, it wasn't a big mistake but knowing I made it would not let me sit still to not fix it.

Note to self: Doing it right the first time takes less time than coming back in to fix it later.

Here are the finished fixes, along with June and July blocks pinned to the bottom edge.

Time to tackle another project! I've got a couple of ideas in mind, including making some miniature (half-size) BOM blocks. I came across a blogger (Pat) who was doing this same BOM from a shop in Texas. Guess everything IS bigger in Texas because she received enough extra fabric each month to build complete half-size blocks along the way to make a lap quilt. Ah, so envious!

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  1. I absolutely love this quilt and am fighting envy. You do beautiful work...whether it's the first or second time around!