08 July 2011

Well, that was quick...

I just picked up my July BOM yesterday afternoon and am happy to report it's already finished! I worked on the layout (scanning fabrics and putting the block together in Photoshop) yesterday (Wednesday) and started cutting a few of the pieces later that night. I worked on it off and on today (Thursday) and got it finished an hour or so ago (very early Friday).

This block boldly marks the transition from light color batiks to dark ones. These turquoise and pinkish beige diagonally placed blocks marks the boundary. I liked arranging the five turquoise swatches into a prescribed pattern that's my own little (not all that interesting) secret. This block also incorporated larger triangles and squares than 'usual,' so that's been a little extra fun, too. As with the June block (also 22" x 22"), this looks a little wavy because it's pinned to the row above. I will join these two block with August after it's done and be about 2/3 done! I'm really loving this 'completion' phase of my creative life! Thanks again, Gwen!

This is a 10-month program so I've made it through half-way. I believe the tenth month is simply fabric for six-inch-wide strips for an all-around border. That means only four more areas of pieced pattern blocks!

I hate even thinking about all the heat we've had lately—something like 18 days this spring/summer with temps over 100 degrees. I think the record is 50 and Mike Morgan on KFOR seems to think we'll bust that record this summer. Bummer!

Had a delightful time yesterday catching up with the ever lovely Naomi. It was fun talking about her vacation; a small project that's taken over her life; our book club book; Gwen; inchies; family; Scrabble® tile fabric; etc. We've even scheduled a play date later in the month. When it rolls around again this fall, we're also hoping to take the fabric bowls class at Quiltworks.  Hope teacher won't have to separate us for being rowdy!

Okay, too late/early to still be up, so over and out! ZZZZZzzzzz!

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  1. Omigersh! No flies on you! What a speed demon with the seeing machine. This is a kewl block; I think the way this quilt transitions is one if my favorite things about it. Do you know, when I read your list of all the things we talked about, I couldn't think what little project you were taking about that was taking over my life. Wow! Does that tell you how fast and thoroughly I move on from one thing to the next? My kitchen is in great order now, so LET'S PLAY!