02 July 2011

A project along the way...

About a month ago, the possibility of making some money putting together a quilt crossed my path. A friend of a friend at church had bought a couple of quilt kits but did not sew. They were both the same Lily Quilt from The Stitchery in Delavan, Wisconsin. I took a look at the fabric and instructions and came up with what I believed was a fair price. Based on some erroneous suppositions, she expected it to be quite a bit lower. Hmm. I told her I expected it to take 7-10 hours. She said she talked it over with her husband and it was not in their budget.

When I was estimating how much I'd charge, I also built the quilt in Photoshop. No surprise there. It helped me work out how to stagger the six different block colors/patterns checkerboarded with a cream and pink background. This one was set up as a 9-block, five blocks across by six down. When planning out the pattern scatter, I worked it out out a little differently—blocks of 12 pieces. The thought that's been bouncing around in my head for several days was to put together one of the quilt tops, gratis. There's a slight lull in the sewing action here so I started tackling the project on Thursday evening. The kits were made from moda's Lily and Will line—the pinks. It's also available in blues, greens, and yellows.

Once I had my 'master plan,' the cutting and piecing went well. It was my first whole project with which I used my new Westalee Quilter's Rule. I bought it and a 90˚ corner rule at the Central Oklahoma Quilt Guild's biannual quilt show last Friday. The best information I found on using the Westalee products was their YouTube videos. I may do a whole posting on the Westalee products soon. I already see a couple more pieces I'd like to get! One day later, I had the top all piece, using 4-, 6-, and 8-piece strips. I will return it to Michele, along with the other kit. Hope this will be a good start on her getting it finished in the future. If you get a chance, visit her at Blessings Children's Consignment Boutique, 14908 S. Western, Oklahoma City, OK, 405-793-2500. They have new and gently used items, clothing, and some darling boutique items. Check out their Facebook page link here.

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